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I am still a teenager...quite a young one at that! I'm 14, but i think i will be exactely like you! I dont think i will ever get tired of reading a good book for teenage girl's. Keep reading...Han x :)


hello luisa today's visit was absolutely amazing, i really enjoyed it. Can't wait to read both your books over the easter holidays. I'll get tanned while i read your awesome books, can't wait to see you again i would really love to write reviews for you THANX FOR THE GREAT SPEECH TODAY THANX love Tayla xxxxx :}

Luisa Plaja

Hi Tayla, thank you very much for the lovely comment. It was great to meet you again yesterday too! I hope you enjoy the books. Have a great Easter holiday!



Just having a nosey around the site and I felt the need to comment to say...Francine Pascal!! She's taking over my bookcase, 2 shelves worth of Sweet Valley Highs plus more dotted arounf the room that couldn't fit in there!

Anyways, that's about it, I just couldn't help myself.


Hi Luisa, It's Shakira. I just want to say again, thanks for the books, and I LOVED Extreme Kissing

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